English Module (Part 4)

Tape-script and key:
Nigel isn’t very tidy, so his room is usually in a mess before Mrs Greenfield does the housework. Look, there’s a CD in the wardrobe and there are some magazines and a sweater under the bed. Nigel’s jeans are on the bedside table and his socks are on the stereo. There are no cassettes on the stereo. They’re in the chest of drawers. And look, there are no pens on the desk. Guess where they are! On the chest of drawers of course. There’s a shirt under the desk and... that’s really strange: a shoe on the com¬puter. By the way, where’s the other shoe? There it is on the bed! There are some books under the armchair, and if you’re looking for a pencil there are some under the chair. What about your room? Is it as messy as Nigel’s room! I hope not.

3b. Pair work. Students practise saying where the various items are. Move around the classroom and help them, if necessary.
Supplementary activity
Students make a list in their exercise-books of the things in their rooms. Then, they describe their rooms to their partners using There’s a … and There are some...

Writing/speaking (p.2/17)
Tell students to look at the picture. Each of the characters is doing something. Students must use the phrases in italics to write sentences which describe what the characters are doing.

Nigel is feeding the monkeys.
David is listening to music.
Jeremy is lying on the grass.
Mr and Mrs Greenfield are eating a sandwich.
Karen is reading a book.
Mr and Mrs Webster are taking photographs.
4b. Pair work. Students check the sentences they have written.

Grammar Practice (p.2/18)
Exercise 1 (p. 2/18)
1.    There are some dresses on the bed.
2.    Are there any detective stories on to bookshelf?
3.    There are two pairs of shoes under the bed.
4.    Is there a bedside table near Karen's bed?
5.    There are exercise-books, pens, and pencils on Karen’s desk.
6.    Is there a computer in Karen’s room?
7.    Are there two armchairs in Karen’s room?
8.    There is a school bag on the chair.

Exercise 2 (p.2/18)
1.    No, there aren’t any shoes on the floor.
2.    There are some magazines on the bedside table.
3.    There are some pencils under the chair.
4.    There are some blouses in Karen’s wardrobe.
5.    No, there aren’t any CDs on Nigel’s bed.
6.    Yes, there are some pens on Karen’s desk.
7.    No, there aren’t any jeans on Nigel’s bed.
8.    There is one shoe on the computer and one shoe on the bed.

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