English Module (Part 5): Exercises

Exercise 3 (p.2/19)
1.    There aren’t any socks in the chest of drawers. There are some on the bed.
2.    There aren’t any school bags under the bed. There are some under the desk.
3.    There are some books on the bookshelf.
4.    There aren’t any pens on the desk. There are some under the chair.
5.    There aren’t any shoes under the chair. There are some under the chest of drawers.
6.    There aren’t any magazines on the bedside table. There are some under the bedside table.
7.    There are some dresses in the wardrobe.
8.    There are some exercise-books on the desk.
9.    There aren’t any blouses on the bed. There are some in the chest drawers.
10.    There are some posters on the wall.

Exercise 4 (p.2/19)
1.    British children don’t go to school on Saturday.
2.    My family and I like to go on holiday in summer and at Christmas.
3.    School lessons start at half past eight.
4.    I have a good breakfast in the morning before I go to school.
5.    My birthday is in August; in fact it’s on August 11th.
6.    The restaurant opens at six o’clock in the evening.
7.    Julia, Nigel and Simon go to Finchley Sports Centre in the afternoon.
8.    David has piano lessons on Wednesday and Friday.

Exercise 5 (p.2/21)
1.    Nigel is running the 800 metres.
2.    Julia and her friends are playing basketball.
3.    Mr and Mrs Webster are watching TV.
4.    Miss Jones is writing a letter.
5.    David is surfing the Internet.

Exercise 6 (p.2/21)
1.    Is Julia listening to music? No, she isn’t. She’s reading a book.
2.    Who is sleeping?
3.    Karen isn’t lying on the grass.
4.    Nigel isn’t playing tennis. He’s running the 800 metres.
5.    Miss Jones is sitting in the living room.
6.    What are Mr and Mrs Webster doing? They’re working in the garden.

Exercise 7 (p.2/21)
1.    Who is taking the photographs?
2.    Jeremy is eating his dog food.
3.    Are Simon and Nigel doing their homework?
4.    Where is Julia going?
5.    What is Karen drinking?
6.    Are David and Jim having breakfast?
7.    Who is feeding the cat?
8.    Mrs Greenfield is closing the window.

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