English Module (Part 8): Tape Script

Number 1
Julia Hey, Simon. Look over there! Isn’t that Nigel and his family?
Simon Yes, it is. What’s Nigel doing? Is he taking pho¬tographs of the monkeys?
Julia No silly, he isn’t. He’s feeding the monkeys!

Number 2
Girl My room isn’t very tidy. There are some books on the floor under my desk. My shoes are on my bed and my jeans aren’t in the wardrobe; they’re under the bed. There are some pens and pencils under the bed, too.

Number 3
Nigel Hello, Nigel speaking.
Simon Hello, Nigel. This is Simon.
Nigel Hi, Simon. What’s up?
Simon What about going to the cinema?
Nigel Good idea.
Simon And Karen? What’s she doing? Is she reading a book as usual?
Nigel No, she isn’t. She's in the garden with Julia. They’re lying on the grass.
Simon Well, go and ask them if they want to go to the cine¬ma with us.
Nigel OK.

Number 4
Man My animals? Well, I’ve got two dogs and a cat, a ham¬ster and two tortoises.
Woman Haven’t you got a canary, too?
Man Oh, no. I don’t like birds.

Number 5
Julia Karen, let’s play video games. Is there a computer in your room?
Karen No, there isn’t. It’s in Nigel’s room.
Julia Hmmm.
Karen Well, we can read in my room! There are lots of good detective stories on the bookshelf!
Julia Oh, Karen!

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